Sunday, August 14, 2011

laptop Bags

this one is too conservative and business-like for me. But I told you I'd show you lots of designer laptop bags and I'm good to my word. A champion shopper! You won't find these at Office Max!
A picture says a thousand words and that picture has a thousand dots... Check it out. I told you when I look for designer laptop bags, I really look for original stuff and fun!

No one wants an ugly ol' brown, black, laptop bag. If you are like me than you'd love a cool designer laptop bag. Whether you are looking for a pink laptop bag, a flower covered designer bag, stop and shop here. Check these out:

Here's a classy designer laptop bag. It really looks like a purse, doesn't it. A little more contemporary looking:Don't let the purse image fool you, it has a top zipper with full closure, the leather trim is fake, but pretty decent looking if you ask me. Yes, it has a protective, padded place for your laptop. Click on the image on you can see the details.

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