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long summer dress

There are lots of other trends this summer such as boy shorts, body-con dresses and playsuits but not everybody can pull those off. The great thing about maxi dresses is that there is a style to suit very body type and they are very forgiving – we can easily hide any of the less appealing lumps and bumps leftover from the winter (we’ll get to the gym in time for the height of summer though, of course!).
How to Look Good in a Maxi

The maxi dress you choose should be very long but not so long that it is dragging on the floor especially if it is a casual outfit you are looking for. A maxi dress that doesn’t at least reach your ankles is really not a maxi dress at all! If you are petite, be sure to check out specialist stores that cater to women of 5’3″ and under. If you are very tall, some of the more main stream stores such as New Look in the UK tend to carry extra long options.
There are such a wide variety of styles, colours and prints for maxi dresses this season that you can find one for every occasion. Paisley prints are popular every season but bold prints in general are especially popular this summer. African print maxi dresses are a very cool look this summer. Team them up with a nice pair of gladiator sandals and some big hoop earrings for a trendy ethnic chic look.
Sky Dresses – Sky Clothing, Apparel, Tops, Dress
Blue Palazzo Pattern Long Dress Leather Belt from Sky
Maxi Dresses

Forget the mini hemlines of the past. Maxi dresses are what’s haute right now. These floor length day dresses are an essential for every woman. Choose from strapless, halter or tank-top varieties. Fabrics range from jersey, to organic satin, to cotton. And it doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall. For those blSky Dresses – Sky Clothing, Apparel, Tops, Dress
Black Wheat Long Dress w/ Gold Chain from Sky Apparel
Sky Dresses – Sky Clothing, Apparel, Tops, Dress
Sky Luxury Halter Necklace Top
essed with long legs, the maxi dress is easy and breezy paired with flats – gladiator sandals also add a nice touch. For more petite gals, maximize the length and kick up the height a notch with wedges heels or stilettos. Either way, the maxi dress is a must-have piece to transition from summer to fall.

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