Sunday, July 31, 2011


This time we will discuss about the trend of this batik in 2011. And like what batik trend this year? we know that the fashion trend each year continues to change. Then what about the fashion batik? batik development also changed each year and his motives are also always follow the development of the era. Now maybe the trend shift in the motif of batik is simple and minimalist, so that users can enjoy it and not outdated.

The concept of minimalist in batik are much simpler with its motifs in batik, but look more elegant. can in my creations with simple motifs such as boxes, curved, lines and motifs that contain elements of art and history. So that batik can look richer cultural elements but it looks simple and minimalist.
Celebrities Hollywood in Indonesian Batik Fashion

Batik dress. Batik fashion show displays the application of Indonesian traditional batik fabrics into modern fashion. Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival 2010
we loved batik indonesia

Wedding, everyones from all of you want your wedding ceremonial can be the best moment ever. Why don't you try batik for your wedding dress. Make you feel so elegant! :D
various kinds of Indonesian batik …. Batik is one type of clothing that characterizedIndonesia. here only a few examples of Indonesian traditional clothes got the batik.Indonesia is genuine batik clothes, not clothes. This is clothing which people wearreflects Indonesia.

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