Sunday, July 31, 2011

thick black glasses

great thick black glasses on very sexy brunette

Photographer: Bruno Juminer
thick, black glasses, Downtown Series

as you can see from the variety of my artwork, the vast majority of it is focused on eyes. these are my usual reading glasses/look at the board at school glasses :D

Often, when people think of vintage glasses, the image they have in their head (whether they realize it or not) is of Buddy Holly, that devilishly handsome pioneer of Rock and Roll.

There are many ways to achieve Holly's trademark look, but the phrase that'll send your optician in the right direction is '60s horn-rimmed glasses.
Style Guide | Buddy Holly & the Thick Black Glasses

Black rimmed glasses
Looking Affordable and Good Quality Glasses
Celebrity Squares: Geek chic
It's hard to believe the thick black plastic rimmed NHS glasses that no one wanted to be seen dead in back in the day are now this season's must-have accessory.
Unique thick black glasses

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