Friday, September 9, 2011


Gemstone Bead Earrings

History of Earrings

Earrings – I think of them as the finishing touch to your look. They complete your fashion statement. There are earrings for all occasions – the board room, work, casual outings, your wedding, a night on the town, or a day at the beach. The first pair of earrings has been dated back to 2500 BC. Only the wealth and those of royal lines could afford expensive jewelry back then.
There are all types of earrings – hoop earrings, stud earrings, button earrings, dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, and droplet earrings to name just a few. Earrings come in all types of materials and metals. Gold, pearls, silver, plastics, copper, gemstones, diamonds, paste, bakelite, faux stones, or glass. The list goes on and on.
Earrings are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe

Earrings are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether we are headed for a day at the beach, to the office, or to a wedding. Your earrings give a subtle hint about your personality.
You can change the entire look and feel of your wardrobe by adding the right earrings. You can bring out your softer feminine side, the sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication, or elegance. For both men and women, today earrings are a definite fashion statement.
Sterling Silver Awareness Earrings. These hypoallergenic earrings are made with 4mm grey Swarovski crystals, 6mm light Siam Swarovski crystals, and Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbons
These lovely earrings are made of two 4mm Swarovski crystals with a stunning pink Swarovski butterfly holding up silver toned awareness ribbons.
Streets Earrings by Fluid Forms

, gold-plated earrings that depict a special corner of your world. The streets that make that memory will be turned into Street Earrings once the project is funded through Kickstarter, where you will find more information.

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