Monday, September 19, 2011

Lacoste Shirt

Lacoste Classic Pique Polo Shirt 7689993

I attended the OIAA (Ontario Insurance Adjuster Association) convention and TIWA’s (Toronto Insurance Women’s Insurance) Wine and Cheese last week. I noticed more people are now wearing company (logoed) shirts at these events. Traditionally, (not just at insurance-related events) I found companies provided their employees with company shirts, and they were very obvious. By obvious I mean a large full-coloured logo at front or sometimes both front and back. Some companies even chose the shirt colour to reflect the company’s main colour.
Being obvious is not a negative; however, sometimes being subtle about promoting your company can work just as well, and depending on the situation and atmosphere of the event, even better.
I’ve been attending different insurance-related industry events and I am noticing a trend of people gearing their events to be more formal. I think by changing the ‘company’ clothing from being obvious to subtle helps match the setting better.
Casual events call for obvious company clothing where you are blatantly there to promote your company, whereas more formal setting may require you to still promote your company but in a more discreet way. The best advice I got from a seminar about networking or meeting people is, forget your agenda…people can sense that you do have an agenda and will be subliminally put off by it.
It might seem obvious that industry related events are meant for networking and to build upon your business or career, but everyone wants to feel special and appreciated for themselves and not just what they can offer you.
I am finding many companies are now doing tone on tone colours for company logos on work shirts, which are complementary and flattering to the shirt colour. This allows employees to wear company shirts but still be able to transition their outfit from the day event to the night event with ease.
I also think people feel more comfortable and confident when they don’t feel like a live billboard.

I think subtle can work in the insurance industry because in a way, insurance and insurance-related firms are a small knit community and can probably be identified by other members by company logos. Here’s proof that a logo can be just as effective – look at Lacoste and Nike. People can identify the brand just by the logo itself.

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