Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

You can use eye makeup up tips and tricks quickly and easily when you know what to do.
Make up application for your eyes is not nearly as hard as it might seem.
Once you learn a few simple methods, mistakes can be avoided and eye make up can be applied quickly and easily. After all, the eyes have it all!
Everyone looks at our eyes and we look back with our eyes. Paying a little more attention to them will give you a little more attention! Think about how you use your eyes when you scan a room full of people. Other people are doing the same thing, so you need to give them something memorable to look at, right?
Nobody has the exactly the same eyes. We all have different eye colors, shapes, and dimensions. There are however, some general tips that everyone can use and benefit from using!
Quick Tips for Eye Makeup

Step One
Apply a thin layer of foundation or primer on the eyelids to correct imperfections and create the perfect color canvas. Remember, you are painting a picture and you are the artist. Primer simply sets the mood for makeup application.
Set lids with a light translucent powder if you are using powder eye shadow. If you’re using a cream shadow or pencil shadows as they apply more easily over primer/foundation only.

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