Saturday, September 10, 2011


No doubt this is one of the biggest advantage. So simply drinking water won’t wash away or mess up your lip colour. Also it doesn’t spread around on your lips like most lipstick will.
It’s also waterproof and spread-proof – meaning it won’t move around. It doesn’t leave marks or come off on something it comes in contact with.
Semi permanent lip makeup lasts as long as you want – it’s removed easily with a thorough wash but doesn’t come off at inappropriate times like when you are eating, drinking or even kissing.

This method of lip enhancement really is quite convenient and economical which is the main reason it’s growing in popularity. It gives women who may have struggled with mis-shapened lips the opportunity to improve their look or women who simply desire a change of colour to make them appealing.
So, you’re probably wondering how it all works. Well, from the technical perspective, the Lip Sense process embeds a colour pigment underneath the dermal layer of your lips. This is typically done for one of two reasons – it’s either done to change the colour of your lips completely or it’s done to enhance the shape of your lips making the lip-line more pronounced and thus appearing more attractive.
The built in moisturizer doesn’t permit your lips to dry out but instead locks in their nature moisture. Bottom line – your lips look great in every situation. The Lip-Sense brand by SeneGence is available in more than 30 colours. This allows any woman to pick a colour which is perfect for her skin type and tone. Not only that using semi permanent Lip Stain can save you money when you compare it to purchasing cosmetic lip stick or stain which needs to be reapplied over and over in the same day.
Perfecting your Lip Makeup

Semi permanent Lip Makeup is becoming more and more popular. Semi permanent lip makeup is also known as lip stain. One of the largest makers of Semi Permanent Lip Stain is a company called SeneGence. This Lip Stain gives colour to your lips but also acts as a moisturizer.

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